Honors Students
Martinez’s students in his Free Speech and Free Press honors class

Featured Work: Student Free Speech and Free Press Blog: 

Gilbert Martinez’s spring Free Speech and Free Press honors class has done an outstanding job contributing to a class blog, “Free Speech and Free Press Around the World.” For the blog, each student was required to choose a foreign county of his/her choice and research free speech and free press issues in that country. Then, students analyzed those issues and compared them with free speech and press rights in the United States. Each essay were added to the blog Martinez created last year, so the spring semester’s essays are intermingled with the essays from the honors students last spring.

There are now 27 countries covered on the website. New essays this semester include Libya, Israel, North Korea, Syria, Turkey, New Zealand, Croatia, France, Spain and Canada. The project tied in nicely with the Common Experience theme of the Global Odyssey.

Feel free to check out the above link to the blog. We are very pleased with the work of Martinez’s honors students.