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Breanna Andrea Salinas (Concentration: Digital Media)

Breanna Andrea Salinas (B.S. in Public Relations, Texas State University) chose a concentration in Digital Media in SJMC graduate school because the growth of technology, social media and “all things digital” has always excited her.

“During my program, not only did I get to learn from brilliant professors like Dr. Royal, Dr. Rao, Dr. Higgins-Joyce and Dr. Grimes,” she said. “But I was also able to work under them like Dr. Ngondo, Dale Blasingame, and Jon Zmikly.” As a short-term plan after graduation, Salinas plans to work at a marketing, advertising and social media agency called Social Summer Camp as a Community Manager.

Dylan Elizabeth Lochridge-Fletcher
Dylan Elizabeth Lochridge-Fletcher (Concentration: Digital Media)

Going to SJMC graduate school at Texas State University helped Dylan Elizabeth Lochridge-Fletcher to network with many industry professionals in Texas and abroad, especially through the study abroad summer program. After graduation, Lochridge-Fletcher, who has been with Apple for 3.5 years, will stay in San Marcos working for Apple as an At-Home Technical Support full-time.

“I’m excited to continue this journey with them after graduation and beyond!” said Lochridge-Fletcher.


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Ashley Alvarez (Concentration: Strategic Communication)

Ashley Alvarez chose a concentration in strategic communication in SJMC to pursue a career in public relations.

“The graduate school program provided me with in depth knowledge and critical thinking skills that I will be able to apply in my career path for years to come,” she said.

“It also gave me an advantage in terms of my future plans, as only about 12% of Americans hold a graduate degree.” She added, “Obtaining my master’s has given me an a leg up in the job market and opened new doors for me in regards to positions that may require an advanced degree.”

Alvarez plans to move to San Antonio after graduation and work in public relations or marketing, where she is currently involved in the interview process with four different companies and government agencies located San Antonio.


Jordan Scott Cooper
Jordan Scott Cooper (Concentration: Digital Media)

Jordan Scott Cooper thinks SJMC graduate school gave him the confidence to pursue positions he would have previously felt unqualified to apply for. This September, Cooper accepted an offer to work at Umbel, a software tech startup in downtown Austin.