By Gabriella Carrizales, Journalism senior

Bobcat Promotions wants to make an impact on the community by raising money for natural disaster victims.

The first Bobcat Promotions Charity event is April 4 at Aquabrew Restaurant and Brewery, San Marcos.

The event will feature bands, and the proceeds will go to a family or small group of people affected by a disaster. Bobcat Promotions has not yet decided specifically where the proceeds from this event will go.

Executive Director Nicholas Williams said they expect a lot of student involvement.bobcat

“The event will have bands, you can come hang out with friends and it’s benefiting charity, it’s like a win-win,” said Williams.

Williams, an electronic media junior, said the Bobcat Promotions is adding new departments.  Part of his initiative as executive director was to branch out. As a result, he became in charge of the new media production department. This semester he took on the position of executive director of the firm but due to the organization’s recent expansion, he is still overseeing the production branch.

Bobcat Promotions is a student-run organization with Senior Lecturer Charles Kaufman as faculty advisor for 11 years.

“With changes in the digital world, the definition of public relations is changing,” said Kaufman.

Kaufman said Bobcat Promotions has evolved from a public relations firm to a strategic communication firm.

The organization has different departments that deal with a variety of clients and events. The branches include web, public relations, and charitable events. They have worked with local and regional businesses on promotional videos and news releases for events.

Taylor Martz, public relations senior, has been a Bobcat Promotions member almost a year now. She is the director of public relations, where she manages the social media team.

“I joined last spring kind of unsure about the whole organization and now, about a year later, I feel that I have grown quite a bit professionally and personally,” said Martz.

Meetings are usually held every Monday in Old Main 102C at 5 p.m.

Williams said they are in the process of redoing their website and it should be updated in about a month. To receive information about the event or organization, visit the organization’s  Twitter: @txstbobcatpr.

“Part of our mission is that we want to do good work and support our client’s needs and also foster student involvement,” said Williams.