By Alexandra White, Mass Communication Graduate Student

Photo Provided by Dylan Lochridge-Fletcher

Dylan Lochridge-Fletcher is a recent Texas State Mass Communication graduate. She attended Texas State for undergrad from the Fall of 2012 to the Spring of 2016, majoring in Mass Communication and minoring in Art & Design. She was in the Mass Communication Master’s program from the Summer of 2016 until she graduated in the Fall of 2017. Like many Texas State students, Lochridge-Fletcher chose to attend Texas State because it was just far enough away from her home in Houston, Texas.

“I had never left [Houston] and saw this as my chance to explore but not be so far from home,” she said. Before even seeing the school, she knew she made the right decision when she got to campus on her first day. Some of her friends from high school also chose to go to Texas State, so that helped with her decision as well.

Since undergrad, Lochridge-Fletcher has lived in San Marcos. She says the best part of living in San Marcos was “living on the square and having access to so many different businesses and restaurants so close.” She was lucky enough to live close to The Railyard, so she could hear live music from her porch all of the time too! She also loves Thai Thai, a local favorite, and claims it’s the one place she’ll miss the most when she makes her move to San Antonio in July.

She currently works remotely for Apple as an iOS Senior Technical Support Advisor, and has been with them for the last four years. She found out about her job from a career fair in LBJ Student Center, and has quickly excelled in it. She began her career with iOS device support, eventually expanded to Macs, and now covers the entire iOS organization. Her ultimate goal is to work with Apple for a few more years and be promoted to a management position. While it wasn’t the path that she planned to take for a career, she can’t imagine working for anyone else.

“While at Texas State I met and worked with so many different people through classes and projects that it really helps me relate to my customers,” said Lochridge-Fletcher.

Besides Apple, she would eventually like to be a social media manager and work with web design, so she can apply more of the skills she learned in graduate school to her career. Lochridge-Fletcher’s advice for students is to “network, network, network. Be aware of events on campus! The only reason I even found my current job was through attending career fairs and recruiting events.”