By Alexandra White, Mass Communication Graduate Student

Photo Provided By Claudia Escobar

Claudia Escobar attended Texas State from 2011 until 2015, when she graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, with a focus in Public Relations. Since she was in high school, she knew she wanted to go to Texas State for its beautiful campus and small town feel. Her decision was solidified when she attended Bobcat Day where she said everyone was really friendly when she arrived. She also loved Pie Society, which many will argue is the best pizza place in San Marcos.

Not long after Escobar graduated, she moved to a small town outside of Charlotte, North Carolina called Cramerton. She said she was really excited to explore a new state and start a new career path. She currently works for a life insurance broker called Freedom Financial Solutions.

On a day-to-day basis, Escobar connects with the company’s agents to help them with whatever business needs they may have. She also assists in planning off-site training for their agents and controls the contracting at the company as well. As a fellow cat lover, Escobar also makes sure their office cats get plenty of love and attention!

While this career path was unexpected for Escobar, she is happy to be
in the industry. When she first moved to North Carolina, Escobar was working for a company that didn’t have a lot of room for growth for her. A friend of hers connected her to her current bosses, and after two weeks of meeting, they offered Escobar a job.

“I work for a great company with a wonderful team that are always wanting me to grow and learn as much as I can,” said Escobar.

Her current career goal is to expand the company’s social media marketing, since they are rapidly growing. With almost two years of experience with the company under her belt, she hopes this goal can come to life soon. Escobar says the most important thing in your career is knowing how to be efficient with your time and resources. In order to maintain this mindset, Escobar says she makes to-do lists for the day and has an efficient plan for being as productive as possible.

Escobar’s advice to future graduates is to make connections. “Meeting people is as important as everyone tells you. Always network because you never know who you’ll meet that will help you find a company that you will really enjoy,” says Escobar.