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Alumnus Spotlight: Kelli Bechtol

Photo Provided By Kelli Bechtol

By Alexandra White, Mass Communication Graduate Student


Kelli Bechtol graduated from Texas State in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication with a focus in Electronic Media. She also minored in theatre with a focus in production. She is currently living in Austin, Texas, working as an assistant editor for Megalomedia on a TLC reality TV show called “My 600 lb Life,” and “My 600 lb Life, Where They Are Now.” On a day-to-day basis, Bechtol is working in front of a computer on an editing software called Avid. Since they have new episodes weekly, it’s a very fast-paced environment.

Bechtol wasn’t always in the Mass Communication program. She worked for a nurse as a while before she realized she wasn’t happy with her career. She decided to take a risk and try film, which is how she ended up at Texas State. Bechtol says she really appreciated how hands-on the Electronic Media program was and greatly benefitted from getting to work in the TV News and KTSW Radio as part of her curriculum. The small classes were also a nice perk, as well as how affordable Texas State was.

“In college, I really learned to juggle a lot of different classes and a heavy workload. I apply this every day to my life since I’ve graduated. It gets even more real, folks,” she said.

Bechtol said it took working incredibly hard and for really long hours to get where she is today.

“It also took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears,” she jokes.

Kelli advises students to work within their major and get involved with as many internships as they can. For those who may be pursuing film, Bechtol says to work on any and all films you can while in school. This will greatly help students get to know people and will also help them figure out what they want to do within film before students graduate.


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