SJMC alumna Anna Tauzin (Journalism, 2008) was recently promoted to Chief Revenue and Innovation Officer for the Texas Restaurant Association (TRA). She was formerly Vice President, Marketing and Innovation for the business association. The TRA supports the $66 billion Texas restaurant industry that spans more than 48,000 locations and 1.3 million jobs throughout the state. 

Tauzin previously worked with the National Restaurant Association in Washington D.C. She moved back to Texas in 2016 when she saw the head marketing position open up for the TRA. She immediately knew it was a chance to “make a jump.”

“Every day I get to wake up and improve the lives of small and medium business owners in the state,” Tauzin said. “Restaurants are the cornerstone of any healthy community, and knowing I get to play a part in making them successful is incredibly rewarding.”

Tauzin developed the educational program for the TRA marketplace and modernized the voice of the association, among other achievements.

She spends most of her days in her new role creating plans to improve offers to members and raise revenue for the TRA. Tauzin oversees business development, marketing, brand communications, products, services and influences TRA events and memberships.

“Lately, I spend a lot of time with our CEO, discussing strategic partnerships, and with our controller, planning out anticipated contract renewal dates for sponsors,” Tauzin said. “My favorite times include brainstorming marketing ideas, new partnerships and education sessions for our members.”

Tauzin credits the education she received at Texas State with teaching her accountability and flexibility. She encourages students to take advantage of opportunities provided within and outside the classroom.

“So much of your success with classes at SJMC depends on what you put into it,” Tauzin said. “You could easily do the bare minimum or you can really dive into the topic and create something remarkable.”

One thing she doesn’t miss about her time in SJMC? “The hills,” Tauzin joked. “But I do miss the ability to take a class and simply soak up something new from an expert or an enthusiast.”

Tauzin advises students to build their networks, which can include teachers and academic advisers, and to embrace their own unique career progression.

“Strengthen relationships with your professors, who could likely become lifelong mentors,” Tauzin said. “The time after college is long. Don’t be afraid to go at your own pace, whether that’s faster or slower than people around you.”

Congrats, Anna, on this new leadership position and your continued career success!