On Friday Nov. 10, members of the SJMC Innovation Club traveled outside the walls of Old Main to tour Dell Technologies in Round Rock, TX. Led by faculty advisor Jon Zmikly, the club visited former club member and Digital Media Innovation (DMI) alum Jonathan Campbell, who now works as a software engineer at the tech company.

Campbell said he was honored to take the team through both of the Dell Buildings (Round Rock 1 and Round Rock 2), where he showed students everything from innovative work spaces to fun areas with ping pong tables and board games.

The group’s first stop was the Experience Lounge, filled with powerful Alienware computers running Halo, ultra wide screen monitors, laptops and other devices. This area offers Dell employees a way to interact with the company’s vast technologies and relax at work.

Students then explored the rest of Dell buildings, stopping in the large cafeteria area, conference rooms, Starbucks kiosks, art installations and hundreds of computer work stations.

The six students tourists were Nathanael Lorenzo, Grace Joseph, Sarah Guynn, Sydney Dawkins, Briana Hacksisombath and Paige Peyton.

“It was an invaluable experience because Jonathan was in our students’ shoes just a few years ago,” said Zmikly. “We were all impressed with the campus and so proud to see Jonathan’s success. The students asked a lot of good questions about the industry, Jonathan’s job and general career advice.”

Electronic media major Nathanael Lorenzo said the trip lessened his worries about graduation. “It was incredibly relieving to realize that, just like Jonathan, I could possibly make it into the industry,” said Lorenzo.

DMI majors Sarah Guynn and Sydney Dawkins agreed. “I really enjoyed the campus, and it seems like a lovely place to work. I’ve been looking at applications, so maybe I could work there after I graduate in the spring,” said Guynn.

Dawkins said she learned a lot about the programs and opportunities Dell offers, remarking “There is a place for everyone.”

“Jonathan helped me realize how important journalism skills contributed to soft skills as a professional. Meeting a TXST graduate with the same major and tech goals as myself was really comforting and inspiring,” said DMI major Briana Hacksisombath.

“I appreciated learning more about Dell during my conversation with Jonathan,” said DMI major Grace Jones. “I had a fantastic day exploring the Dell complex with Jonathan and the innovation club.”

The Innovation Club would like to thank Jonathan for his willingness to show them around, and we wish him the best of luck in his career!