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Senior Lecturer Gilbert Martinez Prepares for SJMC’s First Study Abroad Trip to Japan in 2019

In the summer of 2018, senior lecturer and SJMC assistant director Gilbert Martinez explored the great wonders of Japan. He spent a month in Nagoya taking intermediate Japanese with Texas … Continue reading

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SJMC student Jay Martinez and his band ‘Across the Atlantic’ signs record deal

It’s not uncommon to apply for graduate school to buy some time while figuring out how to navigate the career market, figuring out where you fit in. It is, however, … Continue reading

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Featured Student Friday – Dorian Parks

You may have seen this SJMC student wandering the halls of Old Main throughout the semester, or perhaps sitting beside you in class. Or just maybe you have checked out … Continue reading

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Student Spotlight: Russell Reed

Theater kid-turned film enthusiast, Russell Reed has spent the last three years exploring his love for filmmaking and finding like-minded individuals in the process. This electronic media major is not … Continue reading

April 25, 2017 · 1 Comment

Featured Student: Ryan Reissig

Reissig Media began with a model Compag computer with Microsoft Paint and games. Mass Communication junior, Ryan Reissig, started capturing memories with his brother and their Polariod cameras.  Reissig Media … Continue reading

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No more classrooms, no more books for outdoorsy SJMC students

February was an unconventional month for SJMC students who wanted to get out of the classroom and into the “wild”. On the first Saturday of February, senior lecturer Jon Zmikly … Continue reading

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Helping TXST Athletics show off new football locker room in 360

The Texas State University Athletics Department is showing off its sparkling, brand-new football locker room – and asked for the help of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication to … Continue reading

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