Eleven SJMC students participated in a drone workshop on Friday, Nov. 18, capturing some beautiful footage of our beloved Old Main. The hands-on demonstration was led by electronic media alum and freelance drone pilot Ben Kailing, who taught students how shoot FPV (first-person point of view) videography. Using special goggles, students were able to see from the perspective of the drone itself. 

Kailing is the owner of Lazer Bear Studio, a media production company specializing in FVP drone videography, which he founded after working as a Production Assistant for Texas Parks and Wildlife. He showed off his self-made drones and gave advice to students who want to enter the industry.

To fly on campus, permission was received from Risk Management, UPD and the San Marcos Airport. Attendees consisted of members of the Innovation Club and students from professor Dale Blasingame’s Drone Storytelling course. 

Many thanks to Ben Kailing for joining us and teaching our students about this emerging form of storytelling!